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Flipping Outgeektv

FLIPPING OUT follows real estate investor Jeff Lewis as he buys, renovates, and sells properties in the Los Angeles area. Helping Jeff with his personal and professional errands are a motley group of staffers, from executive assistant Jenni to Zoila, the housekeeper who cares for his spoiled pets.

S2 Episode 9: Reunion2015-07-27 10:54:12
S2 Episode 8: Back in the Market2015-07-27 10:54:12
S2 Episode 7: Tapped Out2015-07-27 10:54:10
S2 Episode 6: Looks Like New2015-07-27 10:54:03
S2 Episode 5: Tear Down2015-07-27 10:54:08
S2 Episode 4: Closer Inspection2015-07-27 10:54:11
S2 Episode 3: Good Cop/Bad Jeff2015-07-27 10:54:13
S2 Episode 2: The Flip Side2015-07-27 10:54:10
S2 Episode 1: Selling Out2015-07-27 10:54:15