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Flesh and Bonegeektv

Claire (Sarah Hay), a ballerina with a dark history must face a volatile artistic director (Ben Daniels) and her own past as she joins a prestigious New Yorks ballet company in the limited drama series from Moira Walley-Beckett and Lawrence Bender.

S1 Episode 8: Scorched Earth2015-11-08 23:28:50
S1 Episode 7: Full Dress2015-11-08 23:28:40
S1 Episode 6: F.U.B.A.R.2015-11-08 23:28:30
S1 Episode 5: M.I.A.2015-11-08 23:28:20
S1 Episode 4: Boogie Dark2015-11-08 23:28:07
S1 Episode 3: Reconnaissance2015-11-08 23:27:56
S1 Episode 2: Cannon Fodder2015-11-08 23:27:43
S1 Episode 1: Bulling Through2015-11-03 04:10:51