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Finding Cartergeektv

Carter becomes friends with a group of misfits at school who decide to help her mess with Elizabeth, who is obsessed with tracking down Lori. Elizabeth also insists that the everyone show up to therapy, which infuriates Carter even more. Taylor begins to resent Carter re-entering their lives, as she is jealous of Carters growing bond with Gabe and her "cooler" lifestyle. Grant is becoming attached to Carter and is afraid that she will leave them some day soon for her life back with Lori. After a night of intense partying, Carter lands in the hospital.

S1 Episode 12: One Hour Photo2014-09-17 03:11:01
S1 Episode 11: The Long Goodbye2014-09-10 03:11:13
S1 Episode 10: Love Story2014-09-03 03:05:21
S1 Episode 9: Do the Right Thing2014-08-27 03:12:48
S1 Episode 8: Half Baked2014-08-20 03:20:32
S1 Episode 7: Throw Momma From the Train2014-08-13 03:11:30
S1 Episode 6: The Fugitive2014-08-06 03:12:03
S1 Episode 5: The Heat2014-07-30 03:09:31
S1 Episode 4: Now You See Me2014-07-23 03:11:06
S1 Episode 3: Drive2014-07-16 03:02:24
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2014-07-12 16:27:18