Hard Knocks | Stanislav Samutsevich | Eps1 Wahlburgers - Season 9 (2018)

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In ABCs multi-camera sitcom FAMILY TOOLS, Jack Shea (Kyle Bornheimer) has tried a lot of careers: Navy SEAL, park ranger, police officer, and most recently, hes been kicked out of seminary school. His long-suffering father Tony (J.K. Simmons) thinks his sons too much of a screwup to take over his handyman business, Mr. Jiffy Fix. But when Tony suffers a heart attack, his sister Terry (Leah Remini) refuses to let the emergency responders in unless he agrees to let Jack replace him. Now Jack must share a basement room with Terrys sweet-but-awkward son Mason (Johnny Pemberton), run the business to his dads satisfaction, and put up with snippy, horny Mr. Jiffy Fix assistant Darren and his on-the-make sister, Stitch.