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In MTVs edgy comedy FAKING IT, high schoolers Karma (Katie Stevens) and Amy (Rita Volk) are such close best friends that they call each other even before they get out of bed in the morning. Amys completely satisfied with their weekend habit of watching Netflix marathons together in their pajamas, but Karmas looking for more excitement. She finds it when the cool, popular gay-man-on-campus Shane (Michael Willett) overhears a conversation between Amy and Karma and concludes the pair are lesbians. Since hes hoping Amys Young Republican of a stepsister-to-be Lauren (Bailey Buntain) wont win this years homecoming queen contest, he puts Amy and Karma up for co-queens. Will Amy and Karma be able to pull the ruse off? Does Amy in fact have deeper feelings for her best friend? Will Karma second her emotions, or is she just using Amy to gain the attention of hunky classmate Liam (Gregg Sulkin)?

S3 Episode 10: Up in Flames2016-05-18 03:14:06
S3 Episode 9: Ex-Posed2016-05-11 03:16:02
S3 Episode 8: Untitled2016-05-04 03:14:23
S3 Episode 7: Game On2016-04-27 03:12:10
S3 Episode 6: Spooking It2016-04-20 03:13:32
S3 Episode 5: Third Wheels2016-04-13 03:12:12
S3 Episode 4: Jagged Little Heart2016-04-06 03:17:51
S3 Episode 3: Karmygeddon2016-03-30 03:20:29
S3 Episode 2: Let's Hear It for the Oy2016-03-23 03:16:11
S3 Episode 1: It’s All Good2016-03-16 03:32:43