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Eye Candygeektv

EYE CANDY follows Lindy Sampson (Victoria Justice), a 21-year-old tech whiz who reluctantly agrees to try online dating after her boyfriends death only to suspect that one of her suitors could be a serial killer. As victims start piling up around her, Lindy puts her cyber hacking skills to work piecing together clues that might lead her to the murderer.

S1 Episode 10: A4U2015-03-17 03:13:41
S1 Episode 9: FYEO2015-03-10 03:11:47
S1 Episode 8: AMA2015-03-03 04:10:33
S1 Episode 7: SOS2015-02-24 04:08:14
S1 Episode 6: ICU2015-02-17 04:14:43
S1 Episode 5: IRL2015-02-10 04:09:48
S1 Episode 4: YOLO2015-02-03 04:12:12
S1 Episode 3: HBTU2015-01-27 04:05:51
S1 Episode 2: BRB2015-01-20 04:13:53
S1 Episode 1: K3U2015-01-13 04:42:03