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EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEIGHT-LOSS EDITION follows people’s year-long transformational weight-loss journeys. Each episode follows trainer Chris Powell as he works with a morbidly obese person who wants to shed extra pounds and change his or her life. After a one-week boot camp designed to teach weight-loss clients new exercise and eating habits, Powell moves into their home to help with the first three months of weight loss. To motivate clients to stick to their strict diet and workout goals, Powell offers them incentives like in-home gyms, trips to Europe, and skin removal surgery in exchange for meeting their target goal weight.

S5 Episode 13: Hannah2015-09-09 14:56:19
S5 Episode 12: Kim2015-09-03 00:07:39
S5 Episode 11: Jackie2015-08-27 02:44:08
S5 Episode 10: Mitzi2015-09-09 14:58:43