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Every Witch Waygeektv

In EVERY WITCH WAY, Emma Alonso (Paola Andina) arrives at Iridium High School the new kid, having just moved to Miami with her father. But she soon discovers that finding her place in a new school wont be nearly as difficult as learning to control her newfound powers as a witch, especially when they bring her into direct competition with the schools spiteful popularity queen, Maddie (Paris Smith). As Emma and Maddie vie for magical prowess, they also face off over the affections of Daniel (Nick Merico), an upstanding star athlete who just happens to be Maddies ex-boyfriend. With both Daniel and the rank of top witch on the line, can novice Emma upstage the more experienced Maddie?

S4 Episode 18: A Girls Sacrifice2015-08-01 13:36:22
S4 Episode 17: Stop Emma2015-07-30 04:18:13
S4 Episode 16: What If?2015-07-25 01:21:08
S4 Episode 15: Frenemies2015-07-28 04:22:04
S4 Episode 14: What If?2015-07-25 01:22:06
S4 Episode 13: Power in a Bottle2015-07-24 04:43:45
S4 Episode 11: Van Pelt Reunion2015-08-17 00:36:42