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the awesomes s1 e7 geektv

The Awesomes S1 E7 — From Here to Paternity

THE AWESOMES opens with the retirement of Mr. Awesome (voiced by Steve Higgins), the longtime leader of a team of elite superheroes. His departure opens the door for his less-than-awesome son, Prock (Seth Meyers), to take over the job, but Procks incompetent track record sends the top-notch heroes fleeing the scene. Determined to prove himself and to return the Awesomes to their former glory, Prock and his sidekick, Muscleman (Ike Barinholtz), set out to recruit the next best team, but what they get is a group of B-listers with quirky personalities and some serious shortcomings. Can this team of misfits get it together enough to take on the likes of Dr. Malocchio (Bill Hader) and the citys other scheming villains?