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Code Black S3 E7 — Step Up

CODE BLACK centers around a group of residents who work at Los Angeles County Hospitals legendary E.R., known for being the birthplace of emergency medicine in the United States. The films title refers to the most urgent state of the emergency room, when the hospital staff realizes that the emergency room is overflowing and theres not a minute to waste. First-time director Ryan McGarry follows the doctors in the old E.R., famous for "C-Booth" -- a 25-foot-by-20-foot trauma bay reserved for the most severe cases -- and then in the hospitals new structure and E.R., which is more spacious but still under-staffed and over capacity (patients routinely wait 18 to 20 hours if theyre not level-1, "about to die" cases). In thorough interviews, the junior and senior residents take turns narrating and explaining the triumphs and tragedies of working in a county E.R.