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Dawn of the Croodsgeektv

DAWN OF THE CROODS introduces (or re-introduces, if you've seen the DreamWorks film) the cave-dwelling Crood family -- father Grug (voiced by Dan Milano), mother Ugga (Cree Summer), teen daughter Eep (Stephanie Lemelin), middle child Thunk (A.J. LoCascio), and baby Sandy (Grey DeLisle). Together with Ugga's mom, Gran (Laraine Newman), the Croods live contentedly in a prehistoric community teeming with both adventure and danger. While Eep tries to find her social niche, Thunk's clumsiness causes one mishap after another, Grug and Gran butt heads over their close quarters, and Ugga just tries to keep the peace. This series follows their ups and downs in the time leading up to when the movie picks up.