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CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is a musical comedy series starring Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, a dramatic, overachieving New York lawyer who abandons it all in hopes of finding love and happiness. Ten years after breaking up with her boyfriend Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) at drama camp, Rebecca is profoundly unhappy despite being at the top of her professional game. After a chance run-in with Josh, she decides to just leave it all behind and move to his home town of West Covina, California in hopes of rekindle their relationship. In-between working with a new law firm headed up by the eccentric Darryl (Pete Gardner), and alongside the passionate paralegal Paula (played by Donna Lynne Chapman), she obsessively looks for ways to hook up with her high school crush. But her new life, and new friends like Greg (Santino Fontana), are helping her rediscover herself along the way.