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Piper Perabo stars in COVERT AFFAIRS as gutsy (but green) CIA trainee Annie Walker, a well-traveled language whiz who finds herself promoted to the far more dangerous post of field operative some 30 days shy of her graduation date. Her superiors (including fractious married couple Peter Gallagher and Kari Matchett) say the CIA needs someone with Annies knack for linguistics. But as the plot thickens, it becomes clear that theyve got bigger plans for her. Christopher Gorham co-stars as a fellow agent who lost his eyesight on the job.

S4 Episode 16: Trompe le Monde2014-03-29 03:37:08
S4 Episode 15: There Goes My Gun2014-03-29 03:36:54
S4 Episode 14: River Euphrates2014-03-29 03:36:42
S4 Episode 13: No. 13 Baby2014-03-29 03:36:07
S4 Episode 12: Something Against You2014-03-29 03:35:42
S4 Episode 11: Dead2014-05-03 11:27:46
S4 Episode 10: Levitate Me2014-03-29 03:33:34
S4 Episode 9: Hang Wire2014-03-29 03:33:20
S4 Episode 8: Ive Been Waiting For You2014-03-29 03:33:04
S4 Episode 7: Crackity Jones2014-03-29 03:32:52
S4 Episode 6: Space2014-03-29 03:32:34
S4 Episode 5: Here Comes Your Man2014-03-29 03:32:22
S4 Episode 4: Rock A My Soul2014-03-29 03:32:08
S4 Episode 3: Into the White2014-03-29 03:31:02
S4 Episode 2: Dig For Fire2014-03-29 03:30:43
S4 Episode 1: Vamos2014-03-29 03:30:21