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The Canadian import CONTINUUM is a dramatic science fiction series starring Rachel Nichols as Protective Services Officer Kiera Cameron, who finds herself transported from the year 2077 to 2012 during the state execution of a terrorist group. Liber8, the group comprised of masterminds like Matthew Kellog (Stephen Lobo), geneticist Sonya Valentine (Lexa Doig), and warrior Travis Verta (Roger Cross), is responsible for killing tens of thousands of people in their efforts to rebel against the technologically advanced police-like state. Luckily, Cameron connects with Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen), a teen techno-genius who is known in the future as the man who developed the high-surveillance wireless and cybernetic technology implanted into Camerons body. After infiltrating the Vancouver police department, she creates an uneasy alliance with Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster), in hopes of locating the terrorists-at-large. But while shes committed to catching the convicted rebels from the future before they change the course of history, she cant forget her husband Greg (John Reardon) and their son Sam (Sean Michael Kyer) who she left behind, and how desperate she is to get home before her own timeline is changed.

S4 Episode 6: Final Hour2015-10-10 02:18:30
S4 Episode 5: The Desperate Hours2015-10-03 02:10:45
S4 Episode 4: Zero Hour2015-09-26 04:18:29
S4 Episode 3: Power Hour2015-09-19 02:12:57
S4 Episode 2: Lost Hours2015-09-12 02:12:47
S4 Episode 1: Lost Hour2015-08-24 01:32:42
S2 Episode 13: Second Time2014-02-03 14:59:48
S2 Episode 12: Second Last2014-02-03 14:59:36
S2 Episode 11: Second Guess2014-02-03 14:59:18
S2 Episode 10: Second Wave2014-02-03 14:59:04
S2 Episode 9: Seconds2014-02-03 14:58:50
S2 Episode 8: Second Listen2014-02-03 14:58:35
S2 Episode 7: Second Degree2014-02-03 14:58:20
S2 Episode 6: Second Truths2014-02-03 14:58:09
S2 Episode 5: Second Opinion2014-02-03 14:57:57
S2 Episode 4: Second Skin2014-02-03 14:57:45
S2 Episode 3: Second Thoughts2014-02-03 14:57:31
S2 Episode 2: Split Second2014-02-03 14:57:17
S2 Episode 1: Second Chances2014-02-03 14:57:05
S1 Episode 10: Endtime2014-02-03 14:56:49
S1 Episode 9: Family Time2014-02-03 14:56:38
S1 Episode 8: Playtime2014-02-03 14:56:22
S1 Episode 7: The Politics of Time2014-02-03 14:56:11
S1 Episode 6: Times Up2014-02-03 14:56:00
S1 Episode 5: A Test of Time2014-02-03 14:55:46
S1 Episode 4: Matter of Time2014-02-03 14:55:34
S1 Episode 3: Wasting Time2014-02-03 14:55:12
S1 Episode 2: Fast Times2014-02-03 14:54:56
S1 Episode 1: A Stitch In Time2014-02-03 14:54:46