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In the tense drama CONTAINMENT, a Syrian man enters an Atlanta hospital with a virus and leaves a wake of destruction. It's soon discovered that "Patient Zero" had a vial of the virus in his belongings and that the disease he brought is terrifyingly contagious. It spreads through touch and sneezes, and it kills those who get it within 48 hours. High-ranking CDC official Sabine Lommers (Claudia Black) is dispatched to take charge of the situation; she enlists Atlanta police officer Alex Carnahan (David Gyasi) as her local liaison. Carnahan didn't know what he was getting into -- a region around the hospital is cordoned off and quarantined, with his partner Jake (Chris Wood) and girlfriend Jana (Christina Moses) inside and Carnahan only able to watch as the disease makes its deadly progress and chaos reigns. Meanwhile, inside the hospital, teacher Katie Frank (Kristen Gutoskie) is caught up in the quarantine by chance, having taken her sixth-grade class on a field trip just as the virus breaks out. Now all she -- and everyone else behind the cordon, and the whole, vulnerable world outside -- can only wait, try to survive, and figure out who sent the virus.