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CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST is a reality series featuring Atlanta-based real estate mogul Todd Chrisley as he embarks on a new career while keeping a tight reign on his household. The flamboyant self-made multimillionaire is taking his love of fashion from his color-coded walk-in closet to new heights by building his brand, Chrisley & Company, and going forward with plans to open a posh department store he hopes will become the "Bergdorfs of the South." While working hard to realize his dream, he spends much of his time keeping close tabs on his five children, including 24-year-old Lindsie (a wife and mother), 22-year-old Kyle, 17-year-old Chase, 16-year-old Savannah, and 7-year-old Grayson. From his desire to personally manage the future store to monitoring his kids whereabouts every moment of the day, Todd does everything he can to have complete control of his world. Luckily for everyone, his wife Julie does what she can to keep him in check.

S3 Episode 20: Episode 202015-12-26 00:30:29
S3 Episode 18: The Graduates2015-12-17 01:41:50
S3 Episode 17: Hometown Hero2015-12-17 01:38:52
S3 Episode 16: Sports Day2015-12-03 00:34:19
S3 Episode 15: Love and Marriage2015-11-25 04:57:28
S3 Episode 14: Lord Chrisley2015-11-18 23:15:29
S3 Episode 12: Dude Ranch2015-07-23 07:40:35