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On CHOPPED, four chefs are invited to a one-day competition to cook for a panel of three rotating culinary celebrity judges (Aaron Sanchez, Alex Guarnaschelli, for example) and one host (Queer Eye for the Straight Guys Ted Allen). The chefs are asked to produce dishes using surprise ingredients, usually jarring ones: quail, escarole, and chocolate-covered raisins, for example. Dishes must be completed within a short length of time, and are then presented to the judges. The judges eat, critique, and eliminate, or chop (get it?) the chef with the worst dish after each set of courses. The last chef standing wins $10,000.

S20 Episode 13: T B A2015-05-25 00:22:31
S20 Episode 12: T B A2015-05-25 00:22:28
S20 Episode 11: Frankly Frantic2015-05-25 00:22:23
S20 Episode 10: Haricot Flair2015-05-25 00:22:27
S20 Episode 9: Offal Surprise2015-05-25 00:22:17
S20 Episode 8: Big Hitters2015-05-25 00:22:24
S20 Episode 7: T B A2015-05-25 00:22:19
S20 Episode 6: T B A2015-05-25 00:22:17
S20 Episode 5: T B A2015-05-25 00:22:15
S20 Episode 4: Fig Out2015-05-25 00:22:13
S20 Episode 3: Short and Sweetbreads2015-05-25 00:22:12
S20 Episode 2: Swai Not?2015-05-25 00:22:11
S20 Episode 1: Salt Pearls of Wisdom2015-05-25 00:22:08