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Childhood's Endgeektv

Based on the 1953 Arthur C. Clarke novel of the same name, CHILDHOOD'S END is a three-part, six-hour miniseries that picks up in 2016, when huge alien ships suddenly descend and hover over major cities around the Earth. Aliens are here; they're now in charge and are swiftly named the Overlords. But mankind has nothing to fear, Overlord Supervisor Karellen (Charles Dance) assures everyone, speaking through charismatic Missouri farmer Ricky Stormgren (Mike Vogel). Why won't the Overlords show their true faces? What are their real goals? If they're here and they intend to do us harm, why are they curing diseases and turning back centuries of environmental damage? Most are complacent, but the leader of the radical Freedom League Hugo Wainwright (Colm Meaney) thinks the Overlords are softening the human race up before delivering the coup de grace. Is this the end of humanity? Or the golden age the Overlords have promised?