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Chasing Shadowsgeektv

Watch Chasing Shadows Online. The drama began with his transfer to the Missing Persons Bureau from Homicide as a punishment for voicing his concerns about police negligence to the press. His pet concern is to find missing persons before opportunist serial killers get to them.On his first morning at the Bureau, he identified at least one local case before his new colleague Ruth Hattersley (Alex Kingston) had even arrived. Sullen to her friendly, bumbling introduction, he barked: “Do you have a husband?” This, it emerged, was his idea of small talk. Later, he clarified: “When I asked about your husband, I didn’t mean I found you attractive: I don’t.”

S1 Episode 4: Episode 42014-09-26 00:27:53
S1 Episode 3: Episode 32014-09-19 00:39:38
S1 Episode 2: Episode 22014-09-12 00:53:44
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2014-09-05 01:00:09