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CATFISH: THE TV SHOW is a reality series that investigates the emotional fallout of the anonymous nature of online dating. Created by Nev Schulman, who chronicled his own experiences with social media relationships in a short film of the same name, Catfish turns the focus to fans Internet love tales and examines the truth and lies that are forced into the open when the two parties meet face to face for the first time. In each episode, Nev and his filmmaker partner Max Joseph follow the story of a fan whos hoping to make a personal connection with the object of his or her affection, but just how that first encounter will go is anybodys guess when phony profiles and misleading photos often lead to betrayals of trust.

S1 Episode 12: The Reunion2015-05-21 00:47:11
S1 Episode 11: Mike & Felicia2015-05-21 00:47:09
S1 Episode 10: Rico & Ja mari2015-05-21 00:47:07
S1 Episode 9: Rod & Ebony2015-05-21 00:47:05
S1 Episode 8: Tyler & Amanda2015-05-21 00:47:02
S1 Episode 7: Joe & Kari Ann2015-05-21 00:47:00
S1 Episode 6: Kya and Alyx2015-05-21 00:46:58
S1 Episode 5: Jarrod & Abby2015-05-21 00:46:56
S1 Episode 4: Jasmine & Mike2015-05-21 00:46:54
S1 Episode 3: Kim & Matt2015-05-21 00:46:52
S1 Episode 2: Trina & Scorpio2015-05-21 00:46:49
S1 Episode 1: Sunny & Jamison2015-05-21 00:46:47
S0 Episode 0: T B A2015-05-21 00:52:01