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Recurring characters included The Office Flirt, a pair of Cockney cabbies, and a middle-class spoken word poet, alongside parodies of Banksy and scripted reality programmes such as The Hills and Made in Chelsea.Ensemble cast members for this series were Bridget Christie, James Puddephatt, Aisling Bea, Fiona Button, Lucinda Dryzek, Simon Coombs, Ayuk Marchant, Clare Warde, William Hartley,Terence Maynard and Travis Oliver.

S2 Episode 5: Episode #52015-05-21 00:42:37
S2 Episode 4: Episode #42015-05-21 00:42:37
S2 Episode 3: Episode #32015-05-21 00:42:37
S2 Episode 2: Episode #22015-05-21 00:42:36
S2 Episode 1: Episode #12015-05-21 00:42:36