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An idyllic summer family camp is the setting for hour-long dramedy CAMP. Rachel Griffiths is Mackenzie, the owner of Little Otter who has recently been left by her husband and pulling both camp director and single-mom duties. Her teen son Buzz (Charles Grounds) cant stand all the Little Otter rah-rah; hes just hoping to lose his virginity this summer.

S1 Episode 10: Last Days of Summer2014-05-09 19:26:53
S1 Episode 9: CIT Overnight2014-05-09 19:55:20
S1 Episode 8: Harvest Moon2014-05-09 20:38:35
S1 Episode 7: The Wedding2014-05-09 19:55:11
S1 Episode 6: Parents Weekend2014-05-09 19:55:03
S1 Episode 5: Heat Wave2014-05-09 23:55:53
S1 Episode 4: Valentines Day in July2014-05-10 00:56:51
S1 Episode 3: The Mixer2014-05-09 19:54:54
S1 Episode 2: Capture the Flag2014-05-09 19:54:46
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2014-05-10 04:23:32