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BRICKLEBERRY is an animated comedy series set in the fictional Brickleberry National Park, where a team of inept rangers faces unemployment should tourist numbers continue to plummet. Enter Ethel (voiced by Kaitlin Olson), a granola-y forester from Yellowstone who s been brought in by Head Ranger Woody (Tom Kenny) to help shape up the park and save it from closure. Her arrival isn t welcomed by all of the staff members, especially Steve (Dave Herman), who sees it as a threat to his default title of Ranger of the Month. It will take all of Ethel s resolve to whip the park into shape -- not to mention the motley crew of rangers tasked with overseeing it.

S1 Episode 10: The Dam Show2013-12-02 13:53:35
S1 Episode 9: Daddy Issues2013-12-02 13:53:11
S1 Episode 8: Steve is Bald2013-12-02 13:52:42
S1 Episode 7: Hello Dottie2013-12-02 13:51:58
S1 Episode 6: Gay Bomb2013-12-02 13:50:57
S1 Episode 5: Race Off2013-12-02 13:50:00
S1 Episode 4: Squabbits2013-12-02 13:48:41
S1 Episode 3: Saved by the Balls2013-12-02 13:47:26
S1 Episode 2: Two Weeks Notice2013-12-02 13:46:31
S1 Episode 1: Welcome to Brickleberry2013-12-02 13:45:23