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The brainchild of producer David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal), BOSTON LEGAL is a wry, sharply written comedy/drama about the personal and professional lives of a group of talented, emotionally flawed lawyers. The hour-long show, which debuted in 2004 after being spun off from another Kelley creation, The Practice, is led by an Emmy award-winning cast featuring James Spader as morally challenged lawyer Alan Shore. At the wealthy, powerful firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt, Shore takes on complex moral and social issues in the civil cases he tries, and disregards honesty and integrity in his drive to win.

S5 Episode 13: Last Call2014-06-24 13:13:00
S5 Episode 12: Made In China2014-05-10 05:59:21
S5 Episode 11: Juiced2014-05-10 05:59:30
S5 Episode 10: Thanksgiving2014-05-10 05:59:38
S5 Episode 9: Kill Baby Kill2014-05-10 05:59:46
S5 Episode 8: Roe2014-05-10 05:59:54
S5 Episode 7: Mad Cows2014-05-10 06:00:03
S5 Episode 6: Happy Trails2014-05-10 06:00:11
S5 Episode 5: The Bad Seed2014-05-10 06:00:19
S5 Episode 4: True Love2014-05-10 06:00:27
S5 Episode 3: Dances With Wolves2014-05-10 06:00:36
S5 Episode 2: Guardians and Gatekeepers2014-05-10 06:00:44
S5 Episode 1: Smoke Signals2014-05-10 06:00:53