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When Prohibition went into effect in Atlantic City in 1920, it instantly created a huge underground industry. Gangsters got rich -- and sometimes got killed, -- making, smuggling, and selling liquor. And when there’s illegal money to be made, there are plenty of people who will do just about anything to make a quick buck. This is the BOARDWALK EMPIRE of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (Steve Buscemi), a respected civic leader who also controls just about every shady deal that goes down in Atlantic City. The period drama, executive produced by Martin Scorcese (who also directed the first episode), meticulously brings the era to life and demonstrates that even the most established mobsters must constantly watch their backs thanks to threats from rivals and even up-and-comers in their own gangs.

S3 Episode 12: Margate Sands2013-12-02 13:39:41
S3 Episode 11: Two Imposters2013-12-02 13:39:20
S3 Episode 10: A Man, a Plan2013-12-02 13:38:56
S3 Episode 9: The Milkmaids Lot2013-12-02 13:37:51
S3 Episode 8: The Pony2013-12-02 13:37:17
S3 Episode 7: Sunday Best2013-12-02 13:36:49
S3 Episode 6: Ging Gang Goolie2013-12-02 13:35:23
S3 Episode 5: You Be Surprised2013-12-02 13:34:53
S3 Episode 4: Blue Bell Boy2013-12-02 13:33:42
S3 Episode 3: Bone For Tuna2013-12-02 13:32:41
S3 Episode 2: Spaghetti & Coffee2013-12-02 13:32:18
S3 Episode 1: Resolution2013-12-02 13:31:51