Moroni Olsen | The Bastard Executioner | Et les mistrals gagnants (2017)

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BLACK BOXs Catherine Black (Kelly Reilly) has a brilliant, but troublesome mind. Shes a uniquely gifted neurologist with a passion for helping the patients who slip through the cracks, or who no one else can help. Why is Black so good at understanding their mental torment? Because she struggles with bipolar disorder. Her disorder is controlled by medication. That is, if she takes it. She often doesnt, because she enjoys the blissful, busy highs that come with her mental illness, even if she doesnt care for the consequences of the things she does when shes in one of her manic stages. Her private life is complicated by Will (David Ajala), the loving fiance shes not sure shes good enough for, and a secret attraction to cocky Dr. Ian Bickman (Ditch Davey) at work, as well as the men she cheats with when shes in one of her highs. Sometimes it seems like the only thing holding Black in place is her therapist, Dr. Helen Hartramph (Vanessa Redgrave), but Black struggles through her own failings and each weeks perplexing patient caseload.

S1 Episode 12: The Fear2014-07-25 03:31:49
S1 Episode 11: Emotion2014-07-18 02:52:34
S1 Episode 10: I Shall Be Released2014-07-11 01:07:55
S1 Episode 9: Sing Like Me2014-07-04 02:06:30
S1 Episode 8: Free Will2014-06-13 10:36:42
S1 Episode 7: Kodachrome2014-06-13 10:36:38
S1 Episode 6: Forget Me2014-05-30 03:08:44
S1 Episode 5: Jerusalem2014-05-23 03:09:39
S1 Episode 4: Exceptional or Dead2014-05-16 03:10:36
S1 Episode 3: Who Are You2014-05-09 03:15:48
S1 Episode 2: Sweet Little Lies2014-05-02 03:08:54
S1 Episode 1: pilot2014-04-25 03:19:08