The Knick | Keatas ? | Season 2 Episode 18 Volcanalis

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BEST INK is a reality series featuring 10 of Americas top tattoo artists competing for cash and recognition in the professional tattoo community. Each episode, which is hosted by Kimberly Caldwell, features the inkers participating in a "feature challenge" designed to test their creative skills while offering them a potential advantage in the competition. They must then show their range of technical skills while tattooing people. The judges, veteran tattoo artist Joe Capobianco, model/entrepreneur Sabine Kelley, and guest tattoo professionals specializing in different aspects of the craft, choose the winner of each challenge. But its the contestants who must vote for the inker to be eliminated. The tattoo artist who makes it to the end of the overall competition gets the title, a cover story in Tattoo magazine, and $100,000.