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Bering Sea Goldgeektv

BERING SEA GOLD is a reality series featuring miners who spend their summers dredging the bottom of the Bering Sea for gold. Miners from across the country travel to Nome, Alaska, where melting glaciers deposit gold-laden sediments into the water. Miners like Steve Pomrenke, the owner of the Christine Rose; Scott Meisterheim, the skipper of the Wild Ranger; Zeke Tenhoff, the owner of The Clark; and Ian Foster, the rookie owner of the Sluicey, spend every summer day they can using their dredgers, most of which are diver operated, to dig up and vacuum the sea bottom and sift the sand and rock for fine gold. The work can be profitable, but bad weather, mechanical failures, and injuries among their crew can lead to the loss of cash, and even lives. But the Alaskan summer is short, so the miners do everything they can to maximize their time, and bring up as much gold as they can to sell for enough cash to pay their operational expenses and get them through the long winter months.

S6 Episode 11: The Gold Bar2016-06-09 03:35:07
S6 Episode 10: Jackpot2016-06-02 06:00:00
S6 Episode 9: All In2016-06-02 06:02:56
S6 Episode 8: Turf War2016-05-19 05:27:26
S6 Episode 7: Teamwork2016-05-13 01:08:31
S6 Episode 6: Breaking Point2016-05-05 06:36:05
S6 Episode 5: Rock Bottom2016-04-28 05:04:10
S6 Episode 4: Father’s Day2016-04-21 02:56:09
S6 Episode 3: Golden Dreams2016-04-14 05:05:04
S6 Episode 2: Pressure2016-04-07 07:08:00
S5 Episode 6: The Deadline2016-03-24 04:35:34
S5 Episode 5: The Blizzard2015-10-03 02:30:55
S5 Episode 4: Baggage2015-09-26 05:46:20
S5 Episode 3: The Quest2015-09-19 07:40:06
S5 Episode 2: Girl Drama2015-09-12 04:36:41
S5 Episode 1: Countdown to Gold2015-09-05 02:28:46
S1 Episode 6: Eureka2015-05-21 02:21:00
S1 Episode 5: Captaincy2015-05-21 00:16:52
S1 Episode 4: A Viking Funeral2015-05-21 00:16:54
S1 Episode 3: Suction2015-05-21 00:16:56
S1 Episode 2: One Bad Deal2015-05-21 00:17:20
S1 Episode 1: Paydirt2015-05-21 00:16:58