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Below Deckgeektv

BELOW DECK is a reality series featuring the crew of the Honor, a 164 ft. luxury Caribbean charter mega yacht. Cameras follow Captain Lee Rosbach and his crew, first officer Aleks Taldykin, chief stewardess Adrienne Gang, marine engineer C.J. Lebeau, deck hands Eddie Lucas and David Bradberry, and yacht stewardesses Kat Held and Samantha Orme, as they make sure everything is ship shape for the wealthy guests who charter the boat to the tune of $200,000-300,000 a weekend. Also joining them is Chef Ben Robinson, who has an unlimited budget for cooking up gourmet meals with the finest of ingredients. When clients are on board the crew is busy serving signature cocktails, cleaning decks, and making sure that their clients are completely satisfied. But after they disembark, these yachties get the chance to enjoy life on a yacht in the Caribbean while living in very close quarters.