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Bella and the Bulldogsgeektv

Bella Dawson (Brec Bassinger) loves being her middle schools head cheerleader because it puts her close to the action on the football field. So when Coach Russell (Dorien Wilson) offers her a try-out after seeing her throw a spiral, shes determined to show him shes up to the challenge. The football team isnt thrilled about the idea of a female teammate; least thrilled is egotistical veteran quarterback Troy (Coy Stewart), who sets out to make sure it doesnt come to pass. But Bella proves her doubters wrong when she earns a roster spot and bumps Troy from his starting position, raising eyebrows throughout the school and among opposing players. Even her best friends, Sophie (Lilimar) and Pepper (Haley Tju), arent sure what to make of it, but they have Bellas back as she strives to make her dreams come true.