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Whoever drew the comparison between one man’s junk and another mans treasure surely had Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in mind. Business partners and lifelong friends, Mike and Frank are professional “pickers": antiques experts who hit the road in search of people’s junk collections to weed through for lost treasures they can buy and resell to dealers.

S1 Episode 12: Lelands Cafe2014-05-09 15:45:11
S1 Episode 11: Filler Up2014-05-09 15:45:36
S1 Episode 10: Know When To Fold2014-05-09 15:45:20
S1 Episode 9: Bigfoot In Alabama2014-05-09 15:45:46
S1 Episode 8: 5 Acres Of Junk2014-05-09 15:45:28
S1 Episode 7: Franks Gamble2014-05-09 15:45:54
S1 Episode 6: Mole Man2014-05-09 15:46:02
S1 Episode 5: Back Breaker2014-05-09 15:46:11
S1 Episode 4: Invisible Pump2014-05-09 15:46:19
S1 Episode 3: White Castle On The Farm2014-05-09 15:46:28
S1 Episode 2: Super Scooter2014-05-09 15:46:36
S1 Episode 1: Big Bear2014-05-09 15:46:45