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In the mock reality series ALMOST ROYAL, Poppy (Amy Hoggart) and Georgie (Ed Gamble) are aristocratic English siblings and distant relatives of the British royal family. Their father recently committed suicide, and the Carlton sibs are honoring his dying wishes by taking a tour of America. They want to get to know the real America, not the one theyve seen on television, and so they poke their noses into historical reenactments, the sets of network soap operas, luxury car dealerships, and other illuminating locales, hoping to understand the United States and its people.

S2 Episode 8: Holiday2016-02-09 22:44:11
S2 Episode 7: Work2016-02-09 22:40:41
S2 Episode 6: Law and Order2016-02-02 05:34:39
S2 Episode 5: Future2016-02-02 04:54:02
S2 Episode 4: Romance2016-01-26 05:47:10
S2 Episode 3: Sports2016-01-26 04:48:48
S2 Episode 2: The Great Outdoors2016-01-19 06:16:22
S2 Episode 1: Beauty2016-01-19 06:14:44
S1 Episode 7: Nashville2015-05-07 14:59:17
S1 Episode 6: DC2015-05-07 14:58:50
S1 Episode 5: Detroit2015-05-07 14:58:21
S1 Episode 4: New York2015-05-07 14:57:51
S1 Episode 3: Texas2015-05-07 14:57:22
S1 Episode 2: Boston2015-05-07 14:56:43
S1 Episode 1: Los Angeles2015-05-07 14:55:45