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Watch About A Boy Online. About A Boy Streaming.Based on the same Nick Hornby novel that also produced the well-regarded 2002 film also named About a Boy, this half-hour sitcom centers on Will Freeman (David Walton), a has-been rock star who made enough money from one Christmas song that ever since hes been able to coast, get pedicures, and careen from one woman to the next. His louche world is upended when Fiona (Minnie Driver), a freewheeling single mom, and her oddball 11-year-old son, Marcus (Benjamin Stockham), move next door. Their houses, it turns out, are connected by an old dumbwaiter. So though boozy, randy Will doesnt exactly intend to become friends with a pale, nerdy sixth grader and his meditating, vegan scold of a mother, he does, landing him in a brand-new world of complications.